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Outessa is a women’s only weekend getaway made of stunning views, opens spaces and adventure. Imagine a custom schedule built from hundreds of options, wholesome food, good wine, challenges and the professional instruction to meet them. You can find time to yourself or the synergy of dauntless women. This is an event where you indulge in any outdoor activity you desire without a shred of guilt. You’ll come back enlivened with new skills and lifelong friends. Outessa is every women’s weekend. Join us. Open the outdoors. 


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Rinse Bath & Body Co.

Rinse began in 2002, when owner Heather Swanepoel finally decided to give up her failed attempts at knitting and take a soapmaking class.

Heather was in need of a creative outlet. At the time, she worked on the Supercross circuit (yes, that would be dirtbikes) which had her traveling across the country nearly every week. As her closet filled with ill-shaped scarfs her knitting inspiration quickly faded. Heather quickly decided to search for new ways to challenge herself creatively.

Heather attended a soapmaking class with her mom, who is notorious for her crafting skills. The two melted, mixed, and poured their concoctions, paving an unexpected path for Heather. The next day she uncovered her creation to find that it not only worked, it was perfect. Her mom’s, ironically, didn’t turn out so well. Heather was hooked and began researching, studying and finding any excuse to make another batch of soap and try new techniques.

Because soapmaking is done in seemingly large batches, Heather freely gave her soaps to friends and family, more so as an excuse to clear space and make more. However, she soon discovered that her gifts were becoming highly desired items. Her friends couldn’t get enough of her natural product! It was cleansing, calming and moisturizing; something they hadn’t before experienced with any bar of soap.

She and her husband realized they might just have an opportunity on their hands. As Heather continued to research, formulate and perfect their products, she and husband Damyn began to build. Rinse Bath & Body, Co. was created in 2003 and has since then become the family’s focus.

After 12 years Rinse is still very much a family business and is located in historical downtown Monroe, Georgia. All of their products are still made in small batches by hand to ensure quality and freshness.

Rinse has expanded from an online retail store to a wholesale operation, as well, and is featured in over 400 stores and spas across the country. It may be a wonder how Rinse keeps up with the demands of a growing business... with the help of their team which includes lots of moms, of course. Rinse’s team has 12 women to help with production and takes on quite a few more around holidays and busy times of the year.

Damyn & Heather have a son, Teagan, and a new baby girl, McKinnley. They are still frequent travelers visiting different festivals and events and for their own adventurous recreation, but are thankful to have Monroe to call home.